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002: How I Went From No Experience to 7 Figures

Listen to Tim Jordan tell his story of how he got into the private label business.

004: Get Your Mind Right: Thoughts On The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Tim discusses a new approach to the challenges of entrepreneurship and how he wraps his head around it.

006: Bradley Sutton: From Bigtime Seller to Industry Expert

Bradley Sutton joins Tim on the podcast this week with a story of how he became the Success Manager of Helium10.

008: Amazon Legend Jeff Cohen on Mindset, Launching, and PPC!

In this podcast, Tim Jordan and Jeff Cohen discuss ways in which we can ALL be FAMOUS ON AMAZON! He hits on mindset, launch strategy, and advanced PPC theory! Check it out!

009: How To Hire And Manage Virtual Assistants To Scale Your Business

This week we're joined by Joy Packard, The "MomPreNeur", mother of 8 kids, grandma to 6, and Amazon entrepreneur. She shares her expert techniques on how and why virtual assistants can help you scale your business.

010: The POWER of Networking & Relationships

In this episode, we are joined by Pablo Gonzalez, a very smart businessman who drops powerful tips on how to SUPERCHARGE your business with key elements that are sure to send you down the road to success.

011: From Amazon Manager to Successful Seller – Tips and Lessons

Chris DePoppe worked as a manager for various Amazon Fulfillment Centers, prepping and checking in other people’s items.  At one point, he had an epiphany:  He could sell on Amazon, too!   After making various mistakes and finding some successes, he learned to focus and was able to LEAVE his 9-5 job at Amazon and become a full-time business owner.  In this podcast episode, Chris shares some of his failures and successes, and shares some key takeaways of each and how the info can be used to help YOUR business as well!

012: From Marketer to Amazon Bot Expert

On this episode of Legion Radio, Tim Jordan gets to interview the “chatbots for Amazon products” expert: Michelle Barnum Smith. In this episode, she describes her journey from traditional marketing to expertise int eh Amazon selling community. She also shares some of her experiences in successful campaigns, as well as some types of products that DON’T do well with chatbots. Her experience is mostly with ManyChat, but the lessons learned in this valuable episode transcend a specific platform or tool!

013: Selling More Amazon Products with Viral Videos

Meet Dave Rotheroe, he started the world’s first grilled cheese subscription service. He knows a thing or two about how to build brands, products, and campaigns that go viral. Learn from his success and go deeper with his training course at freeviraltraining.com

014: Videos for Amazon Listings: Authenticity and Social Proof Sell

In this podcast, Tim interviews Patrick Tedjamulia as he talks about his history and epiphanies at companies like Google and Facebook, and the correlation between engagement, conversions, and authentic video reviews. Patrick then founded the company VideoPeel, which makes it EASY to get authentic video reviews on our Amazon e-commerce product listings (and can be used elsewhere too).

Check you VideoPeel at www.videopeel.com, or on instagram at "videopeel".

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015: Amazon Australia: Calliope shares her STORY and the STATE OF AMAZON.AU

In this episode, the founder of Private Label Australia shares her story of getting into E-Commerce, then we discuss the state of Amazon Australia. is it a good market to sell? Why did it get a slow start? What can we do in the future to utilize this opportunity? Check out this episode to get the inside scoop!


016: Why Amazon Sellers Should Be Looking At Etsy

Meet old-school E-com seller Fernando Sustaita as we discuss ETSY!!! Yes, ETSY!! If you are an Amazon seller and haven't considered selling on this cool platform, you might want to check this out. We are breaking down some misconceptions, and explaining some SUPER COOL features!

017: Interview with an e-Com Legend: Steve Simonson

In this episode of Legion Radio, Tim chats with Steve Simonson, founder of multiple on and off-line businesses. In a world of "hacks" and "tricks", there are still age-old business principles that apply to everything we do, and Steve shares some of that in this episode. We ALSO get to hear how Steve got started in this whole thing, including the story of his FIRST ONLINE SALE back in the dinosaur age! This episode is a long one, but worth your time for sure! (empowery.com)

018: From her garage to the global market: Meet Katie Richardson!

In this episode of Legion Radio, Katie Richardson shares her story of creating a product out of necessity, and how that journey took her to some of the biggest stages in retail and e-commerce! With a passion for branding and product development, Katie shares in this episode of Legion Radio some of the strategies and principals that she knows to be VITAL in building a successful business: whether it is a side hustle or a full-time endeavor. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to get notified of more episodes! And check out the training that Katie offers in branding here: https://www.ntnrmls.com


020: Boats, Beards, and Ranking Amazon Products with Norman Farrar!

In this episode of Legion Radio, Norman Farrar shares with Tim and the listeners on how he got started in e-commerce more than 20 years ago! He has had a wild ride, and one of the valuable things he has learned is how to use PRESS RELEASES to help drive e-com traffic, and rank products on Amazon. It's VERY powerful stuff, so give this a listen!

If you want to learn more about Norman's service, you can find out about his service at: http://www.prreach.com

021: Entrepreneurial Management Guide: Advice on managing and outsourcing from Mads Singers!

In this crazy world of entrepreneurism and solo-preneurs, we keep seeing a lack of experience and "best practices" in managing. There are a LOT of reasons for that (some we talk about in this episode!) but there are also a LOT of ways to learn, adapt, and become GREAT at it!

Take a listen to this episode, and comment below with any questions or thoughts to share!

You can also find out more about Mads' management coaching program at www.madssingers.com, or his VA agency at www.aristosourcing.com

019: An FBA TITAN: Saad Basim shares advice on entrepreneurship, launches, and product differentiation!

From construction worker to E-Com Titan, Saad Basim shares his experience from working on construction sites and in restaurants as a blue-collar worker to owning multiple FBA businesses and teaching HUNDREDS of sellers! Saad is a no B.S.-kinda guy who tells it like it is, and LOVES to help others! Make sure to check out this episode of Legion Radio, and leave any questions or comments below!

Make sure to check out his FaceBook Group: Amazon FBA Giants https://www.facebook.com/GiantsAMZ/

022: Selling on Amazon: The How and Why of Great Copywriting with Emma Tamir

In this episode of Legion Radio, Emma Tamir shares with us how she went from a copywriter to becoming an Amazon listing expert. She shares with us some great insight into how we can use copywriting to effectively sell our product on this wonderful platform. There is definitely a combination of art and science behind the whole process, and Emma shares her experience on how we can make our listings better and ultimately sell more products.

If you'd like to check out more of what Emma has going on and utilize her skill to increase your sales. Check out her website at http://marketingbyemma.com

023: Are Your Amazon Private Label Products Ready For Big Retail?

A lot of times we as Amazon Sellers exclude ourselves from the possibility of growth via retail stores. In this episode, veteran retail expert, Karen Waksman shares with us her experience helping over 10,000 people in their pursuit to get their products onto retailer shelves, including a massive number of traditional private label sellers on Amazon. She gives a lot of tips and fixes a lot of misconceptions that Amazon sellers need to know about how easy it can potentially be to hit retailer shelves, as well as the benefits of getting into retail.

Contact Karen Waksman:

024: The Art of Pricing Psychology for your Amazon Listings with Paulina Masson

When listing products on Amazon, there are a lot of different scenarios and tweaks that can adjust your ability to sell. In this episode, we talk with Paulina Masson, who gets to see a LOT of Amazon sales data, and shes share with us her experience and some tips to help out sales, ESPECIALLY in the area of pricing psychology!

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