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001: What is Private Label?

Welcome to the first episode of Legion Radio! Allow us to introduce ourselves and define this show to explain what it's all about in this inaugural episode.

002: How I Went From No Experience to 7 Figures

Listen to Tim Jordan tell his story of how he got into the private label business.

003: Corporate Star to Private Label Warrior

Listen to JB Brown tell his story of how he got into the private label business.

004: Get Your Mind Right: Thoughts On The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Tim discusses a new approach to the challenges of entrepreneurship and how he wraps his head around it.

005: From Cubicle to Work at Home Mom & Ecommerce Business Owner

Meet Kate Ames and hear her story of how she got into the private label business.

006: Bradley Sutton: From Bigtime Seller to Industry Expert

Bradley Sutton joins Tim on the podcast this week with a story of how he became the Success Manager of Helium10.

007: From Wholesale to Private Label

Meet Cassie Baskett, stay at home, work from home mom, who started in wholesale and moved on to private label. Listen to her struggles and victories as she found success in this industry and eventually became a Hickory Flats partner.

008: Amazon Legend Jeff Cohen on Mindset, Launching, and PPC!

In this podcast, Tim Jordan and Jeff Cohen discuss ways in which we can ALL be FAMOUS ON AMAZON! He hits on mindset, launch strategy, and advanced PPC theory! Check it out!

009: How To Hire And Manage Virtual Assistants To Scale Your Business

This week we're joined by Joy Packard, The "MomPreNeur", mother of 8 kids, grandma to 6, and Amazon entrepreneur. She shares her expert techniques on how and why virtual assistants can help you scale your business.

010: The POWER of Networking & Relationships

In this episode, we are joined by Pablo Gonzalez, a very smart businessman who drops powerful tips on how to SUPERCHARGE your business with key elements that are sure to send you down the road to success.

011: From Amazon Manager to Successful Seller – Tips and Lessons

Chris DePoppe worked as a manager for various Amazon Fulfillment Centers, prepping and checking in other people’s items.  At one point, he had an epiphany:  He could sell on Amazon, too!   After making various mistakes and finding some successes, he learned to focus and was able to LEAVE his 9-5 job at Amazon and become a full-time business owner.  In this podcast episode, Chris shares some of his failures and successes, and shares some key takeaways of each and how the info can be used to help YOUR business as well!

012: From Marketer to Amazon Bot Expert

On this episode of Legion Radio, Tim Jordan gets to interview the “chatbots for Amazon products” expert: Michelle Barnum Smith. In this episode, she describes her journey from traditional marketing to expertise int eh Amazon selling community. She also shares some of her experiences in successful campaigns, as well as some types of products that DON’T do well with chatbots. Her experience is mostly with ManyChat, but the lessons learned in this valuable episode transcend a specific platform or tool!